Gravity : The nucleus of love

Humans and humans… humans and time… A story of souls drawn to each other


2525 AD: the Earth has fallen into decay, so the human race is working to create a clone of Earth's solar system, with ideal planets for eventual human immigration.

Kalpa, the sun at the center of the new system, will be circled by a number of planets for human colonization, including Daimo, Yuga, Karra, and Clep, a planet with water resources.

Yet another planet, Argira, is home to people called the Seekers.

One day the situation suddenly changes: Kalpa begins losing heat.

2607 AD: Kalpa, now plunged into deep, deep cold, is beautifully radiant, draped in frosty white. Humans have fallen into calling this crystal star Claritus. They stare in amazement at its frozen face, graced by sprays of icy plumage, chill, remote.

To find the cause of this solar freezing, and to find some solution to that most threatening problem, nine Seekers depart from Argira on a journey to the past. But their effort is to no avail. The human race dies out.

--- The story up to this point is told in the art book, Silent Code.

Silent Code - Kronos System Layout Drawing

A few thousands years later, Claritus has grown wise and independent, and is creating stars, using the process that human beings invented.

---The story up to this point is told in the art book, Star Spinneries.

Star Spinneries

One of the nine Seekers returns from the past. Returning from beyond time and space, empty-handed after the journey to discover the cause of the austere icing of Kalpa, not realizing that he is on his old home star, he wanders from place to place.

One auspicious day, weary from aimless wandering, the Seeker spots a tree-type life form. He sits down and leans against its trunk, having decided in despair that he will end his life there.

However, as the Seeker cuddles up to the tree, it metamorphosizes into a female human.

Just before they died out, people had stored the memories of all human beings in these tree-beings and programmed them to produce a human of the opposite sex of any Seeker who returns in the future.

This new female human tells the startled Seeker that they are on the surface of the old star Kalpa, now known as Claritus. She recounts to him the numerous tragedies humans suffered after the nine Seekers set out on their doomed mission.

The Seeker and the transmuted female become Adam and Eve, and begin the history of human beings anew, in a corner of the savage universe.


Tens of thousands of years later, one of their descendants, a great king, has three daughters, Claris, Illumina, and Ciroco. Wishing a secure future for the human race, he gives each of the three princesses a Claritus star to start their own personal universe. They are entrusted to create a fertile matrix to ensure the prosperity of the human beings who emerged from the union of the Seeker and the tree woman.

GRAVITY is a metaphor for the hidden treasure that appears in the stories of the lineage of the three princesses and of the shadow tribe whose story has never yet been told.





そこには太陽に代わる恒星カルパをはじめ、水質資源惑星クレプ、居住用の アイオン、ダイモ、カイロス、ユガ、カーラ。





---ここまで画集"Silent Code"に記載---


















Ring/Queen-Planet Clarines
Material: WG
Stone: Dia
Ring/King-Planet Clarines
Material: WG
Stone: Dia
Planet Clarines Queen&King

  • Pendant TOP/Meditater-Planet Clarines
    Material: WG
    Stone: Dia
    Planet Clarines Card A
  • Planet Clarines Card B
  • Planet Clarines Card C
  • Planet Clarines Card D




Ring/Queen-Planet Illumina
Material: WG+Black Rodium
Stone: Color Stone
Ring/King-Planet Illumina
Material: WG+Black Rodium
Stone: Color Stoneh
Planet Illumina Queen&King

  • Pendant TOP/Meditater-Planet Illumina
    Material: WG+Black Rodium
    Stone: Color Stone
    Planet Illumina Card A
  • Planet Illumina Card A
  • Planet Illumina Card B
  • Planet Illumina Card C





Ring/Queen-Planet Sirocos
Material: WG+Wild Wind Texture
Stone: Dia
Ring/King-Planet Sirocos
Material: WG+Wild Wind Texture
Stone: Dia
Planet Sirocos Queen&King

  • Pendant TOP/Meditater-Planet Sirocos
    Material: WG+Wild Wind Texture
    Stone: Dia
    Planet Sirocos Card A
  • Planet Sirocos Card B
  • Planet Sirocos Card C
  • Planet Sirocos Card D